Charcoal Hopper M30 Cooler

    YETI’s tough-as-nails Hopper® M30 Soft Cooler has a major update. Their signature wide-mouth opening has been reengineered to stay open with ease and close tight with a gentle push. A strip of ultra-strong magnets locks in cold while Quick-Release Buckles provide extra security through choppy water or when riding through rough terrain in the bed of a truck.

    • Outside: 25" × 12" × 17 1/2"
    • Inside: 10" × 22" × 16"
    • Empty Weight: 7 lbs
    • Holds 28 lbs of ice (only)

    Technology & Features

    • MAGSHIELD ACCESS Powerful magnets create an ultra leak-resistant shield that stays open when you need it and seals closed with a gentle push.
    • COLDCELL™ INSULATION Closed-cell foam offers impressive cold-holding capabilities, helping keep your frosty goods ice cold.
    • DRYHIDE™ SHELL High-density fabric withstands punctures and UV rays. To help extend the life of the cooler, both the interior and exterior materials are treated to be mildew resistant.
    • HITCHPOINT™GRID Securely attach your SideKick Dry® Gear Case or load it up with zingers, nippers, bottle openers, and multitools.

    WARNING: Do not leave your soft cooler open in the presence of children and animals. Entrapment and suffocation can occur.

    WARNING: Hopper® Soft Coolers are not compatible with dry ice. Use of dry ice will cause airtight vessel to explode.

    WARNING: This product contains magnets. Placing near a pacemaker may cause interference.

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