Rigwa Divide and Conquer Insert

    One set, endless options! Your RIGWA 1.5 just got a whole lot more versatile! Pack your lunch, reheat your leftovers, or keep your favorite snacks fresh on-the-go. The Divide & Conquer inserts fit seamlessly into your RIGWA 1.5, securely protecting your food and giving you more options to KEEP LIFE FRESH!

    *The Divide & Conquer set comes with 2 inserts, both designed to seamlessly fit into your RIGWA 1.5.

    • One is a “divider” and holds 26 oz (3.25 cups). The divider insert has a 50/25/25 breakdown (see images for visual), giving you endless possibilities for meals, dips, snacks and more! Prep, Drop, Go!

    • The other is “open” and holds 28 oz (3.5 cups). This highly durable insert is topped with a high-grade silicone lid that securely closes, creating a leakproof seal. Great for leftover pastas, soups, casseroles, oatmeal and more!

    Divide & Conquer inserts are:

    • Microwave, Dishwasher (top rack), and freezer safe.

    • Compatible with RIGWA 1.5

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