Tenured Employee Moon Love

    Palmetto Moon has become an integral fabric of the lowcountry and we're grateful for our oldest members who have been with us through it all! 20 years has gone by, but our roots are still firmly in Charleston.

    We’d love to take this opportunity to highlight some of our superstars. Learn more about the stories of the most tenured members of the Palmetto Moon crew below.


    For me, the highlight (and what keeps me here) is the people and the family atmosphere that is cultivated. I have met so many people through this company that have become like family. When I started back in 2012 as a part time sales associate at the newly opened the Greenville location, I was the super shy guy that would rather be behind the fixtures folding t-shirts instead of interacting with customers. Flash forward 10 years and I love being able to get back in a store to meet and interact with the Moon Crew and our customers as they shop our stores – I would not have been able to experience that growth without the incredible team (family) we have here at Palmetto Moon.  As the only person in the company who has been able to help and be hands on at every store opening since our 8th location (that’s 28 new store openings and 7 remodels – 35 total), that’s a lot of new faces that I have had the honor and privilege to work with!

    I also love the merchandising we do here – it is so unique compared to other retailers. We have more vendors than any other retailer our size, and combined with the tons of new product we receive weekly, this adds unique challenges and opportunities to conquer. We are an ever evolving company and that is exiting! As we continue to grow as a company we still haven’t lost our localized feel with our merchandising. Our stores still have ability to merchandise their own stores to best suit the needs of their community and their customers. Being able to lead the visual aspect of Palmetto Moon and guide the stores as new product hits weekly has been one of many highlights of my 10 years here!


    Since I was 18 years old Palmetto Moon has been my life. I have literally grown up in this company. During my time here I have built so many relationships that will last a lifetime. My drive to come to work every day can be summed up with one thing… People.

    Early in my career it was the PEOPLE that I learned from and helped me fall in love with the brand. I came to work each day to try to soak up as much knowledge as possible to be the best I could be. Now it is the PEOPLE that I get to influence every day that make me love this company even more. I get to see young people come to this company not knowing what they want to do in life and fall in love like I did and make it their life. Even if these young people don’t make Palmetto Moon a career, you can bet this this was a steppingstone for them. I see past employees all the time outside of these walls that have gone on to do big things. Each time I talk to them they tell me about what valuable lessons Palmetto Moon taught them that has helped mold them to where they are today.

    My passion and love for this company runs deep, and my goal each day is to influence as many PEOPLE as possible.


    I’m Caysey Copeland, the Inventory Control Manager with Palmetto Moon Corporate Office located in North Charleston SC. I am a mother of fraternal twins and have been married to my husband for 15 years.  I started with Palmetto Moon 10 years ago as a Full Time Key Holder at our Summerville SC location. Within two years I was promoted to the Assistant Manager of our Northwoods store then soon after the Store manager of our Citadel Mall location. After seven years and working all but one Charleston location, I was promoted to a corporate position in our home office as Inventory Control Manager.

    Palmetto Moon has been, and still is a wonderful opportunity for me to work with coworkers who are dedicated to both professionalism and good work ethics. I consider myself fortunate to work within a company that considers teamwork, accountability, and dedication to be key components to success. All of those factors, coupled with the many opportunities for advancement that Palmetto Moon offers, as well as the company being family oriented-is what has kept me here and happy for many years, and hopefully many more to come.


    In the 16 years I have been with the company, I have been fortunate to call Palmetto Moon a part of my family. I know they say not to take work personally, but how can you not when it’s something that you truly love and cherish.  I have had the pleasure over the years to develop relationships with our customers, work side by side with amazing employees,  and find new product with incredible vendors. This brand, product and experience is all about the FUN of living or traveling in our southern markets and embodying the lifestyle that we are lucky enough to experience every day!  It’s so crazy to think that when I started we only had 2 stores and to not only be where we are now, but see and believe in where we are going is something that I am so proud of.  To be surrounded everyday by a passionate team that loves what they do and to honestly feel that what you do makes an difference is rewarding and makes Palmetto Moon my family and home. Not many can say that about their job.


    I started with Palmetto Moon in October of 2011 as an Administrative Assistant. I was working hand in hand with the company founders, Karen and Robert Webster. Throughout that first year, my love for Palmetto Moon took off!  In 2012, I took on the role of an Assistant Buyer, helping to acquire brands that we still carry to this day! After 4 plus years of helping our buyers/vendors get products into our stores and out to all of our great customers, I took on another role as Receiving Lead. For the last 6 years I have been in charge of making sure everything we receive is accounted for correctly in our system. If you’ve gone to any of our stores, I’ve probably printed the tag on your merchandise! Throughout my 11 years here I have witnessed numerous store openings, just about 30 to be exact, and can’t wait to see how much further P. Moon grows!

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