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    Youth Multicolored Breakaway Mask Clip


    The perfect way to keep your child's mask from ending up on the dirty floor, or from accidentally being exchanged with a classmate! Colorful, fun & functional, our Mask Lanyards are made just for kids! Help kids easily and stylishly keep up with their masks all day, especially while at school! BONUS -- it doubles as a Hand Sanitizer holder too! 

    For safety, each lanyard is made with a break-a-way safety clasp. 


    • 20" length
    • Large hooks at both ends that easily attach to any mask
    • Doubles as a Hand Sanitizer holder!
    • Break-A-Way Safety Clasp
    • Fun, colorful & appropriate for boys & girls, alike!
    • Children's Mask Lanyard only; does not include mask