Duke Cannon

    Rudolph's Well Deserved Night Cap Soap

    "Rudolph was rather warn out from guidin' Santa's sleigh all night. So, The Big Man and Rudolph threw back a few shots post-flight."

    Rudolph works hard during the holidays. He deserves a few minutes of respite after a long day, so we’ve created Rudolph’s Much Deserved Night Cap, a festive soap with the scent of Toasted Cinnamon and antique wood that compliments his favorite nightly beverage of cinnamon schnapps.


        • Smells like toasted cinnamon and antique wood
        • At 10 oz., our large soap is 3x the size of dainty seasonal soaps
        • Made in the USA by humans, not elves
        • According to Deb in Receivables, this is a "super fun" gift for guys.
        • A portion of proceeds benefits veterans and active duty military
        • Size: 10 oz bar


        Sodium Palmate*, Sodium Cocoate, Water, Glycerin (Vegetable), Fragrance, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Mica.

        *Made with RSPO Certified Palm Oil

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