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Hopsulator Trio in Matte Grey



The most functional drinking accessory on the planet. Brumate's 3-in-1 design combines hundreds of dollars of products into one awesome, must-have gadget. 

The Hopsulator TRíO is the most versatile can cooler. It fits all US, standard sized 16 oz. cans, comes with an adapter for standard 12 oz. cans, and includes a lid so you can use it as a pint glass!

  • Includes: Hopsulator body, Arctic Adapter and Tumbler Lid
  • Works with 16 oz. beers, 12 oz. beers, and as a pint glass
  • 20X colder than standard neoprene koozie
  • Ice-cold drinks guaranteed
  • Arctic Adapter is filled with a non-toxic, long-lasting freezable gel, it will keep your beer ice-cold until the very last drop.
  • Works with hot or warm beverages

Cleaning & Care: Hand wash only with soap and water. Air dry upside down. Do not put in dishwasher.

  • The entire lid is dishwasher safe. If you need to clean under the slider you can do so by turning the lid upside down and pushing the two tabs inwards to remove the sliding portion and clean underneath.
  • It is recommended to wash the Hopsulator after using it as a can cooler and before using as a pint glass to avoid a metallic taste to your beverage.
  • Do not freeze or microwave.
  • Treat paint with care.

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