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    Grandpas Lure Snapback


    Kings Creek Grandpas Lure Snapback

    Most guys can relate to being mesmerized at the sight of a properly stocked tackle box. Having every little compartment filled with the perfect fitting lure or tool is a sight to see. If your tackle box was anything like mine, you rarely use 100% of what all you have, but don’t dare think about removing it, just in case.

    You never know when you might find yourself in the mountains fishing for trout on a fly rod the same weekend you’re bass fishing and needing a rattletrap to sling across a southern creek. Or just before you head out to the river to get into a mess of Crappie…oh wait…I hear the Stripers may be hittin’, glad I have my tubes & worms. You get the point. Now get the hat that relates to it all, you can thank us later.

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