Linden & London

    No. 9 Citrus Paradise Laundry Wash 16oz

    Long Lasting Beautiful Fragrance
    Effective and safe care for your treasured garments. Exclusive, long lasting, beautifully crafted fragrances, made with natural essential oils.

    • Hi-Efficiency formulation
    • Concentrated

      Top Notes: tart, juicy grapefruit
      Middle Notes: sweet basil and herbs
      Base Notes: ginger with floral undertones
      Essential Oils: orange oil, basil oil, eucalyptus oil and grapefruit oil

      Cítrus Paradisi is a citrus tree known for succulent fruit and fragrant blooms. When we developed this fragrance the family at Linden & London all reminisced of our favorite beach paradise. Some of us spoke of the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Southern Gulf Coast, and some yet the beauty of the Caribbean. Wherever you define as your personal paradise, Cítrus Paradisi can carry you to that special place at any time! This fragrance is an exacting composition of grapefruit, ginger, and floral basil.

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