Memphis Straw Hat

Hemlock Hat Co.

SKU: MP9139134 / UPC: 10386438

Inspired by the iconic cultural movements of the 1980’s, Hemlock’s Memphis disregards “good taste” in favor of outrageous and fun. With modern pastel colors, Tetris-like shapes and far-out patterns, the Memphis is a definite call to attention.

  • Size: One Size Fits Most
  • Hats are like anything else in life; if you want them to look good, you'll have to care for them. 
  • If inner cloth or straw becomes dirty, wipe with damp cloth and pat dry. 
  • Be aware that once a straw hat gets too wet, the straw will most likely swell and alter the original form of your hat. Avoid direct contact with water.

Type: Hats

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