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Men's Single Layer Sandal Expresso

Rainbow Sandals



If any sandal says Rainbow®, this is it! This is the Rainbow® Sandals staple, the one your kid stole from you because they wanted to be cool – and you still haven’t gotten it back yet. This is the Flag Ship!

• Single Layer Arch
• Premier Nubuck Leather
• Embossed Rainbow Logo
• Double Stitched
• Nylon Toe Piece
• Box X Toe Construction
• Bonded Nylon Thread
• Triple Glued
• Non-Slip Rainbow® Bottom
• Original Rainbow® Woven Label
• Lifetime Rainbow® Guarantee

The single layer premier leather sandal is made with top grade nubuck leather; the top sole is embossed with the Rainbow® logo. The strap, also nubuck leather; is double stitched, and the nylon toe piece is secured with a box X stitch, all using bonded nylon thread.

The single layer midsole and arch support is triple glued for maximum durability to the non-slip Rainbow® bottom. They finish it off with the Original Rainbow® woven label on the right strap, the mark of a genuine Rainbow® Sandal.

Sizing Guide
Small: US Men's 7.5-8.5 (Length 10.5")
Medium: US Men's 8.5-9.5 (Length 10.75")
Large: US Men's 9.5-10.5 (Length 11.5")
XLarge: US Men's 11-12 (Length 12")
XXLarge: US Men's 12-13.5 (Length 12.5")
XXXLarge: US Men's 13.5-15 (Length 13.5")

Type: Sandals

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