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    Rainbow Sandals

    Kids' Grombrows Sandals

    Dark Brown

    The Kids Grombows are soft and squishy. Your Grombows will love their Grombows Guaranteed!

    • Soft Rubber Top Sole
    • 1/2" Narrow Strap
    • Double Stitched Neoprene Strap
    • Single Layer – No Arch
    • Matching Pin Line
    • Non–Slip Rainbow® Bottom
    • Box X Sewn Toe Piece
    • Sewn with Bonded Nylon Thread
    • Rainbow® Logo on the Strap
    • 4 Small Sizes Have a Back Strap

    Rainbow's kids Grombows are soft and squishy, with a smooth, comfortable neoprene strap. The comfortable toe piece is secured with a box X stitch and is sewn with bonded nylon thread.

    The Rainbow® logo is found on both the strap and is embossed in the top sole. The bottom is the Rainbow® Non-Slip sole. For the toddlers, the four smallest sizes come with a back strap attached at the heel, if you don’t need it, just cut it off!

    Size Chart