Sheila Fajl

    Everybody's Favorite Hoop Earrings


    Sheila Fajl Everybody's Favorite Hoop Earrings

    Handmade in Brazil under the watchful eyes of the finest craftspeople, these hoops are a story years in the making. Brilliantly cast out of a lightweight, strong, blend of metals, the hoops are prepped in a plating facility and hand brushed, one at a time. The result is a hoop weighing less than anything on the market, that will last for a long time, and that looks gorgeous. They were tested by Sheila herself at the beach for days at a time, at galas and at meetings. The ultimate piece for every occasion, they will withstand salt, waves, sun, humidity, you name it, and still exalt style anywhere you go. A Sheila Fajl masterpiece, and an homage to the Brazilian spirit.

    • Plated Hoops (2.5")
    • Wear and tear resistant
    • Waterproof
    • Soldered to ensure complete seal