The Peaceful Porch

    Lake Weekend 16oz. Jar Candle

    Life doesn’t get any better than being on the Lake! Berry sorbet with light hints of summer flowers on a background of soothing sandalwood and warm musk.  

    The Peaceful Porch Candle line is made from the highest quality products and are always offered to you at the lowest price possible. Every candle is hand-poured using a 100% vegan, organic soy wax and cotton core wicks. 

      Estimated burn times:

      • 16oz jar: 80-85 hours

      For best burn times to try always leave your candle lit for at least an hour at a time. Trim wicks as needed. 

      The Peaceful Porch donates 25% of all proceeds to help families battling cancer and other catastrophic events in their lives.

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