Love Handle

    Tie-Dye Love Handle

    LoveHandle phone grips give you a new handle on your mobile life.

    LoveHandle Design Club was born out of our LOVE for arts and has been manifested into an ongoing collaboration with the art & design community to highlight amazing designers through their creation of custom LoveHandle collections. A portion of proceeds from each collection go directly to support the creating artist.

    Support each artist by shopping and sharing their limited-edition LoveHandle collection.

    Bianca is a professional artist based in Montreal, Canada with a degree in Industrial Design. She has been painting since she was a child and has over 15 years of experience in acrylic painting. She currently enjoys working with a variety of mediums, focusing on watercolors, and loves creating unique products with her art. Bianca especially enjoys working with bright colors to create lively artwork inspired by the beautiful natural world.

    Using a high-quality fabric strap, LoveHandle is comfortable to use while you grip, flip

    and capture that perfect selfie angle with just one finger. It has a strong grip strength thanks to our exclusive 3M adhesive strips, which will adhere to most cell phone cases or phones without leaving any residue.

    You'll be amazed by how often you take advantage of the LoveHandle phone strap. LoveHandle is ultra-low profile and pocket-friendly. Instead of having to "pop" or activate the handle, LoveHandle is always ready to easily slip your finger through and will gently grip YOU so you can relax.  

    Never worry about dropping your phone again and get those great selfie shots from any angle with just one hand.  

    Always 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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