Sow Good

    Freeze Dried Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich

    • Freeze Dried Candy Packs by Sow Good - Freeze Dried Neapolitan Sandwich 
    • Hyper Crunchy: Our ice cream is crunchy with a crisp outer cookie shell and light center that melts in your mouth. No melt, no mess!
    • Hyper Dried: Freeze drying removes 99% of moisture from our ice cream, keeping our sweet treats just as crunchy. just as flavorful for years!
    • Hyper Flavorful: Zero water dilution = intensified flavor without being overpowering. Just sweet enough and just big enough to supply your sweet fix in a few pieces.
    • Sweet Treats: Mix up your snack time pleasure with this freeze dried candy 2 pack which optimises flavor and magnifying moisture intake!

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