FreeSip® 32oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle in Neon Sage


    • Do not microwave, freeze, or boil.
    • In order to minimize bacterial growth, do not use to store warm dairy products, baby food, or other perishable liquids.
    • Not for use with hot, carbonated, or perishable liquids.
    • Altitude changes (such as during airplane travel or while ascending mountains), or exposure to hot temperatures (such as leaving the bottle in a car on a hot day) may cause pressure to build up in the bottle and may cause the contents to leak or spray when opening the bottle. To prevent this, loosen the lid by a quarter turn to release pressure; then retighten the lid before drinking.
    • Pressurized contents may cause the spout cover to open rapidly enough to injure fingers positioned in or near the recess behind the spout cover.
    • When opening the bottle, keep fingers away from the recess behind the spout cover.
    • Always open with caution.
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