The Peaceful Porch

    Rustic Driftwood 16oz. Jar Candle

    Smooth, weathered driftwood layers with exotic notes of fresh coconut water and amber minerals over sun-warmed golden sands.


    • T-Wood, Coconut
    • M-Green, Coconut, Mahogany
    • B-Wood, Amber, Moss

      The Peaceful Porch Candle line is made from the highest quality products and are always offered to you at the lowest price possible. Every candle is hand-poured using a 100% vegan, organic soy wax and cotton core wicks. 

        Estimated burn times:

        • 16oz jar: 80-85 hours

        For best burn times to try always leave your candle lit for at least an hour at a time. Trim wicks as needed. 

        The Peaceful Porch donates 25% of all proceeds to help families battling cancer and other catastrophic events in their lives.

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